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Welcome to (N) Kattehula's burmese

Welcome to (N)Kattehula's, a small breeder of the most wonderful of all breeds, ❤the burmese❤. My cattery is located in the south of Norway. My burmese are showcats as well as pets and for breeding. 

All my cats are tested for GM2 and Hypocalemia, HK.

Some are also tested for BHD.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Irene Antonsen

Irene 06.03.2018 19:05

He is in the burmese data base: http://www.burmesepedigrees.com/ShowPedigree.php?pars=allbreed/60919/4/1/0

Allene Keating 06.03.2018 18:38

I saw you had the cat Roemah Koetjing Zwiebertje Zolo in 2007. Can you send me his pedigree?
Mayonaka Cattery, Allene Keating